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Jonathan Neary is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for Labor Union Riot; an entry to the 2001 Classical Movie Contest on He was originally active from 2001 to 2003, during which time he was creating brickfilms using LEGO Studios.[1] He later returned to brickfilming in 2016, using LEGO Buildable Figures and BIONICLE figures as his subjects.[2]


Year Title Notes
2001 Labor Union Riot Classical Movie Contest entry
2001 Paul Revere
2001 Big Mistake
2001 You're Toast
2001 Just Another Thief Film
2001 Kung Fu
2001 Missing Out
2002 Cup Of Champions League Fight Club film
2002 Scratch This Fight Club film
2003 Sith Entertainment
2016 luke
2016 luke2
2016 Dance of the Jedi
2017 Let's Rumble!
2017 Rumble in the Box!
2017 A long time ago, in a bar far, far away Unfinished
2017 Aikido
2017 Nun of That
2018 Kung Fu
2018 Kung Fu and Fury