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Jonatan Schneider, typically known as "JSLegoMaster", is a Swiss-Swedish brickfilmer.[1] He was one of the earliest brickfilmers who became popular on YouTube for creating historic war brickfilms,[2] and is considered to have been highly influential on subsequent war brickfilmers. He is best known for LEGO Battle of Ramelle, LEGO ww2 Battle Of Hürtgen, LEGO Battle of Carentan, and the three Story of Sgt. Winterbottom films.


Year Title Notes
2008 The Story of Sgt. Winterbottom
2008 A Day in Life of 007
2009 LEGO Battle of Carentan
2009 The Story of Sgt. Winterbottom Part 2
2010 LEGO Battle of Ramelle
2010 LEGO ww2 Battle Of Hürtgen
2011 Story of sgt. Winterbottom part 3