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Jonas Steinacker is a German filmmaker.[1] He is best known in brickfilming for the VFX-heavy, 16-minute film Protectors of the Earth from 2015, and also for the fantasy brickfilm Biblin's Weg from 2014. Prior to these, he was known for the Star Wars brickfilm series FreedomFighters.


Year Title Notes
2011 Verschwörung auf Mildor X [2]
2012 FreedomFighters 1
2012 FreedomFighters 2
2012 FreedomFighters 3
2012 The Super Squad
2014 FreedomFighters 4
2014 Biblin's Weg Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis 2014 Animationspreis and Publikumspreis winner
2015 Protectors of the Earth
2020 Darth Vader vs. Coronavirus