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Jon Williams is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is known for Quack In Time and First Day Back, along with the first place entry to Smoovie's Magical Stop Motion Competition, The Moustached Magician.[2]


Year Title Notes
2009 lego suprise
2009 lego wear your helmet
2009 Lego agents mini episode
2009 lego zombies The AniExer-size Animation Contest II - Halloween Edition entry
2009 Creepy weirdo
2009 lego agents episode 1
2009 lego agents episode 2
2009 Michael Jackson Tribute IN lego
2009 Wig
2009 Look both ways before crossing the road
2009 Lego police chase- An interactice adventure
2010 Alex's Birthday
2010 101 ways a minifig can be annoying EXTRA: Talking Backwards The Four Monkeys' "101 Ways A Minifigure Can Be Annoying" contest entry
2010 The Animator
2010 First Day Back
2010 A (very late) Haloween video!
2010 The giving of presents
2011 The Moustached Magician Co-production with Hal Warner-Clayton
Smoovie's Magical Stop Motion Competition first place winner
2011 Steve- TMS Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long 2011 entry
2012 My thoughts on PETA...
2012 Introduction Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013 Self Discovery Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long 2013 entry
2014 Quack In Time