Jon Rolph
Jon Rolph circa 2015
Also known as
  • CheesyBricks
  • CheeseyBricks
Years active
2008? - 2015
Nationality UK Flag British
Notable works

Jon Rolph is a British brickfilmer. He is best known for Paint., and also for cartoony shorts such as Egg, Siege!, and Cheese Chase.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2009 Space Guys! The Quick Short Advertising Contest entry
2009 Unreal Cell Space, Time and Reality Contest entry
2009 Cheese Chase AniExer-size Animation Contest second place winner
2009 Dr. Evil's Fiendish Anti-Birthday Plan
2009 A Merry Zombie Christmas
2010 Chaos Cupboard Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2010 Colour Avant-Garde Contest entry
2011 Egg EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 entry
2011 Jack and the Beanstalk Which Grows Towards the Light
2013 Civilisation Brick City competition runner-up[2]
2013 George
2014 Siege!
2014 Toothpaste
2014 Egg. EASTER Brickfilm Contest 2014 entry
2015 Paint.
2015 Horse in Motion

References Edit

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