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Johnathan Rabon, typically known as "HoverfrogFilms", is an American brickfilmer.[1][2] He is best known for his Ninjago brickfilms, including Rebrick prize-winning films A Day at Work and Nya Vs Nya.[3]


Year Title Notes
2012 Hover Frog
2013 Ninjago stop-motion music video
2013 A Knights Quest
2013 Don't Feed the Rock Monster
2013 Quest for the elemental swords 1/5 (Kai vs. Stone Warrior Scout)
2013 Toy Parade
2013 Quest for the elemental swords 2/5 (Zane vs. Garmatron)
2013 Lets build the Fire Mech
2013 Lets build the Ice Spider
2013 Clones vs. Assassin Droids
2013 Brick Battle: Ninjago edition
2013 Happy Easter - Easter Egg Hunt
2013 Brick Party
2013 Quest for the Elemental Sword 3/5 (Jay vs. Stone Warrior)
2013 Lets Build Jays Jetpack
2013 Rebrick contest entry #1 The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 A Day at the Stone Warrior Camp
2013 Rebrick contest entry #2 The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 Rebrick Contest Entry #3 The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 Lord of the Ring-Mishaps
2013 Lets Build-MicroBuild JEK-14's Stealth Fighter
2013 The Armor of God
2013 Lets build-MOC's
2013 Quest for the Elemental Swords 4/5 (Cole vs. Stone Soldier)
2013 Police Show Episode 1- Robo Cop One of five Police Show Animation Contest runner-ups
2013 Quest for the Elemental Swords 5/5 (Golden Ninja vs Lord Garmadon)
2013 Brick Battles-Minifig Heavyweights
2013 Toby Mac-Get Back Up Lego Music Video
2013 Games in Real Life: Clue
2013 Battle for the Fang Blade
2013 Ninja Go!-Stopmotion Music Video
2013 Brick Battles: Ninjago vs. Chima
2013 Lloyd Meets Pythor
2013 Forest Ambush
2013 Slap-a-Rama
2014 Security System
2014 The Evil MegaBlock
2014 Hacks
2014 Nindriod Fight
2014 LEGO FIFA Comercial
2014 Nigel The Dancing Nixel
2014 Don't Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight
2014 LEGO Ice Bucket Challenge
2014 Nexus Force Commercial
2014 Bionicle Is Back!
2014 Rickrolling
2014 LEGO Carol Of The Bells Music Video
2014 Evil Santa
2015 A Fresh New Start / Bonus Scene Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII entry
2015 Dareth vs. Nindroid
2015 Selfie
2015 Ninja Cop
2015 Kai vs. Garmadon / Side by Side Unfinished
2015 Rocket Commercial
2015 Easter Randomness
2015 Normandy
2015 Ninjago Movie 2017?
2015 Mindroid-Ninjago
2015 Wizards Late Darkness and Light Contest film
2015 WAT
2015 The Old And The Homeless Septemberfest: The Citizen of the Year LIVES entry
2015 Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo / side by side
2016 Condensed Time Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
2016 Memory's Weight
2016 LEGO-The Great Gatsby
2016 Inner Reflection
2016 Junk
2016 Nya Vs Nya One of five The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago Rebrick Contest runner-ups
2016 Furious Sight & Sound Contest entry
2016 Lewa Swings into Battle
2016 Batman: The Frank and the Furious LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films Rebrick Contest entry
2017 The Monster Beneath Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV entry
2017 A Day at Work One of six Ninja for a Day Rebrick Contest Grand Prize winners
2017 Jay's Wish / Side by Side
2017 The Flower of Bliss BrickVideo Studio's "Spring Blossoms" Contest first place winner[4]
2017 A Day at the Beach
2018 Super Snail and Classy Robot Face-off Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV entry
2018 LEGO Creator Skate House Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2018 LEGO Creator Daredevil Stunt Plane Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2018 Ninjago Reunion
2018 Ninjago Special Delivery / Director's Cut Continue the Chase Rebrick Contest entry
2018 The Arena of the Heart
2018 Bored Contest Without Voices seventh place entry
2018 The Quest for the Golden Banana Animation Career Review 2018 Zoo Animal Short Animation Contest entry
2018 The Reluctant Thief Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2018 entry
2018 A Glorified Animation Test Brick à Brack's Summer Contest 2018 Week 4 - Animation Challenge ninth place entry
2018 A LEGO Brickumentary about Brickfilming
2018 LEGO Creator Skate House
2018 Ninjago in Smash ULTIMATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
2019 The Coolest Dude Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 Ninjago Ep. 1 Recreation - Ninjago Legacy / Side x Side Part of Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 LEGO Valentines Day - Lego Movie 2 Speed Build
2019 Greatest LEGO Workout!! Challenge #5: "Carrying a weight" second place entry
2019 Greatest LEGO Haircut! Challenge #6: "Having a haircut" winner
2019 LEGO_Rock_Monster_
Brick à Brack's Summer Contest 2019 Challenge 2: Production eleventh place entry
2019 LEGO Minecraft Creeper, Aww Man
2019 LEGO Iron Man: The Journey of Tony Stark Co-production with James Moutsos, Jeremy Borchers, "TheLegoDirector", Ethan Teber-Rossi, & Cody Salvesen
Part of the Brickfilm Day Avengers Event
2019 LEGO Movie 2 Halloween Special Scary Contest entry
2020 The Escape Part of Brickfilm Day 2020
2020 The Easter King Takedown The 10 Bricks of EASTER 2020 eighth place entry
2020 A Real Titanium Boy Part of the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2020 The Thanos Dance Part of the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2020 Medicine 8x8x8 Ninth Edition eleventh place entry
2020 Gone Phishing Commissioned by Hook Security
2020 WatCH TiLL tHE enD!!!! ( LEGO Brick Roll)
2021 Let's Blow This Song Up! Commissioned by Moldhands
Part of Brickfilm Day 2021
2021 Watch and Learn