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John Williams Meets Darth Vader,[1] also known as LEGO Star Wars starring JOHN WILLIAMS!!, is a 2010 comedy brickfilm produced, written, and performed by comedy writers and composers Jon and Al Kaplan, with animation produced by Pete Levin. It follows Darth Vader dictating to composer John Williams how he wishes his musical theme to go.[2]

The brickfilm was seen by John Williams, and it was incorporated into his two 2013 shows at the Hollywood Bowl, which had sold-out crowds of 17,000 people.[3]




A behind the scenes animation picture

  • Jon and Al Kaplan - Producers, Writers, Performers
  • Pete Levin - Animation producer
  • Animaking Studios - Studio[4]
  • Rosana van der Meer - Animator
  • Gabriel Costa Rodrigues - Animator
  • Thiago Calçado - Animator