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John Eggers and Daniel Eggers are American brickfilmers. They are known for brickfilms that feature extensive use of digital effects, including THAC XIII third place winner Vengeance of a Different Sort, and are also known for The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County; one of the winners of the Tales of Yore Contest. Since 2009 or 2010,[1] they were working on an oft-delayed half-hour brickfilm, The Squire and the Scroll, which is currently considered to be cancelled.


Year Title Notes
2007 A New Menace LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest finalist[2]
2007 Stormtrooper in Training
2008 Space Police Preview
2009 California Jones and the Temple of Doom
2009 Skeletal Attempts
2009 Assimilation
2009 Communications Caper
2009 Twas The Night Before Christmas
2009 LEGO vs. Aliens Trailer
2010 Earth: Destined to be Destroyed Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2010 Brick Battle Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 Dane Cook Gets Squished by Falling Piano Remastered
2010 The Art of the LEGO
2010 Spider
2010 Brick or Treat Festival of Souls 2010 entry
2010 500 - A Thanks to Our Fans
2010 Turkey
2010 Mission: Ambition Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 film
2011 A LEGO Christmas Carol
2011 King Kong
2011 Cottontail Jones EASTER Contest 2011 first place winner[3]
2011 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Tales of Yore Contest third place winner[4]
2011 The 12 Days of Christmas...? Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 The Squire and the Scroll Trailer #1
2012 A True Hero "LEGO City Stop Motion Project" Tongal sixth place winner
2012 The Grand Stratagem Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013 A Friend to End All Friends Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 entry
2015 Second Genesis Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII entry
2016 Vengeance of a Different Sort Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII third place winner[5]
2017 Warped Perception Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV entry
2020 LEGO music video Unfinished co-production with Rafael Figueroa shot in 2018/2019