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For the similarly titled series by "'We Suck' Proudctions", see Jake Kohler

Jim and Bob is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Rich Petty. It is about the strange events surrounding the titular characters, though sometimes only featuring Jim. The films in the series were often short and spontaneous, with little consistency in approach. The main entries in the longer, more dialogue-driven dynamic duo format are 15 Minutes, Jim and Bob's New Car, and Jim & Bob: Growing Apart.

Due to a one-off reappearance in 2017, it is one of the longest running series' in brickfilming, spanning just over 11 years.


Jim's Bad Day (2005)
Jim runs into trouble while on the way to Bob's house.

Jim and Bob's Talkshow (2005)
Bob and Jim host a talk show.

Jim's Crocodile Problem (2006)
Jim discovers the dangers of keeping a pet crocodile in his lake.

Life In LEGO City (2006)
Jim has difficulty trying to cross the road in the city.

Mission Impossible Jim (2006)
Jim is sent on a mission to retrieve LEGO's secret formula, which has been stolen by Mega Bloks Man.

Mission Impossible Jim 2 (2006)
Jim is asked to help rescue a prisoner being held by Mega Bloks Man.

ARRGH! (2006)
Jim is scared by a pirate in his house.

Never In America X (2006)
This film is currently considered to be missing.[1]

Fifteen minutes

The poster for 15 Minutes

15 Minutes (2006)
Jim realises that he has a winning lotto ticket, but the time to claim it is almost up. An entry to the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest.

Hostage (2006)
A hostage escapes and tells Jim and Bob his story. An entry to THAC 2.

WAR? (2007)
Jim and Bob decide if they should fight. An entry to a 30-minute mini contest.

Splinter Pirate (2007)
Jim and Bob battle a pirate. An entry to a 30-minute mini contest.

Jim and Bob's New Car (2009)
Jim is tired of having to walk everywhere, so he and Bob go to buy a car from Jonny Hunt. An entry to THAC 6.

Jim & Bob: Growing Apart (2017)
Jim and Bob's friendship becomes strained after sharing an apartment for so long. An entry to THAC XIV.