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Jewel Quest is a 2000 comedy brickfilm commissioned by The LEGO Group and produced by Bastrup Trickfilm in Denmark.[1][2] It is a parody of Indiana Jones, and follows Johnny Thunder on a daring escapade to retrieve a jewel from a temple.[3] It was available on the CD included with the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set, and shots from it were also used in the how-to videos on the CD to demonstrate techniques. The official release date of the set was November 1, 2000, though some people managed to get it in earlier months and so would have seen the film earlier.[4] The film was also available to view on the LEGO Studios website from November 1, 2000.[5]


Johnny Thunder is in a temple, about to grab a jewel on a pedestal. He quickly replaces the jewel with a skull, but the trap is activated and the temple begins to collapse. Johnny runs and narrowly avoids falling down a section of collapsing floor. A baseball then rolls towards him, and he runs before managing to get on top of it and ride it out of the temple. When he lands outside, he finds himself in front of a souvenir stand selling many of the same type of jewel he has just retrieved.[3]


  • Bo Hovgaard - Director
  • Jørn Zaulich - Production manager
  • Kresten Foerlev - Animator
  • Tina Klemmensen - Animator
  • Thomas Kildegaard - Light and assistant
  • Brian Poulsen - Photographer