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Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled is a 2009 Christian brickfilm directed by Anthony Rondina and animated by Jessica Rondina. It is a retelling of the battle between the nation of Israel and the army of Jericho. It premiered at the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival before making appearances at further festivals, events, and screenings for a number of years. It was released on DVD in 2010 along with bloopers, deleted scenes, and a 29-minute making-of featurette. There was also a comic book released using frames from the film.[1] It is currently the final brickfilm released by the Rondinas. The working title of the film was Wars of Humanity III: The Promise Fulfilled.[2]



  • Seth Brake as Salmon, Israelites
  • Anthony Rondina as Steve
  • Mark Rondina as Joshua
  • Jessica Rondina as Rahab
  • Zack Lawrence as King of Jericho
  • Seth Kays as Commander, Israelites
  • Ken Lawrence as Captian
  • Doug Brake as Caleb, Rahab's brother
  • Roger Epps as Bill Ding
  • Diana Monagas as Anita Brain
  • Alex Clohan as Sentry
  • Anderson Carman as Kid #1
  • Liam Marcy as Kid #2
  • David Georgia as Guard #1
  • Eric Marcy as Guard #2
  • Carson Gish as Guard #3
  • Steven Roux as Israelites
  • Will Thetford as Israelites


  • Anthony Rondina - Director, Compositor, Keying, Rotoscoping
  • Jessica Rondina - Director of photography, Screenplay, Animator
  • Dan Vitco - Musical score
  • David Huestis - Tracking assistant
  • Anderson Carman - CGI specialist
  • Rob Tull - Keying, Rotoscoping
  • Brake family, Thetford family, Carman family, Marcy family, Clohan family - Special thanks


Year Competition Category Result
2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival Film Short Semi-finalist[3]
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival Best Animation Won
Redemptive Film Festival Storyteller Award Won
International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards Best Children's Film[4] Bronze


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