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Jeremy Wisoff is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for Hey You, Leo, Hot Dogs, and the Ponygirl and Sheriffguy films.[1]


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Year Title Notes
2003? Fraudzilla[2]
2005 What's All That Ruckus?[3]
200? Magische Maschine
200? A Gopher
2006 Redneck, Buddha, and Black Betsy X [4]
2006 Snake
2006 The Crappiest Monster Movie Ever Made X
2006 Tom vs. Johnny
2006 Tree House X
2006 The Unexpected X
2006 The Roberry: Redux X
2006 Lightsa-Bar X
2006 A Fine Example of a Crappy Homemade Animation Where The Credits Are Longer Than the Movie Itself X
2006 Evil Bird X
2006 The Abandoned Horror / in color
2006 Turkey Day
2006 Subway "The Best Way to Narrowly Escape Death" Mini-Contest winner
2006 Restaurant
2007 Crazyanimator's Brickfilms DVD Commercial
2007 Crazyanimator's Second DVD Commercial
2007 Metopic Dictionary Series film
2007 Himeji Castle
2007 Hey You
2007 EASTER Entry E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival entry
2007 Random 30 Minute Stuff Created for a 30-minute minicomp held between Wisoff, Rich Petty, and Matt Gillan
2007 The History of Sanitation
2007 Ponygirl and Sheriffguy
2007 The Day Crashed Community project co-ordinated by Nathan Wells
2007 Marriage Problems
2007 Hot Dogs Sports in Brickfilming Challenge first place winner
2007 One Man's Trash, Another Man's Treasure Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry
2008 Leo Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5 third place winner