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Jeremiah Morris is an American brickfilmer. He is known for fluidly animated brickfilms that also have mass appeal, such as the two LEGO City Trash Truck films and LEGO City Bank Robbery.[1]


Year Title Notes
2014 LEGO magic show
2015 Tony Stark's base
2015 who's in the trash can?
2015 LEGO fight scene
2015 LEGO stopmotion fight
2015 LEGO Minecraft: firstperson view
2015 LEGO Minecraft
2015 LEGO Minecraft Part 2
2015 Minecraft short
2015 LEGO don't mess with Han
2015 LEGO Minecraft - Zombie Potion
2015 LEGO Halloween special
2015 LEGO fight scene
2015 The Good Samaritan
2015 LEGO Christmas Special
2016 LEGO Minecraft: A Cave Adventure
2016 LEGO Fight Scene
2016 LEGO Prison Break
2016 LEGO Playing Minecraft
2016 The Package
2016 LEGO Fight Scene
2016 LEGO Saturday Morning
2016 LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
2016 LEGO Police Chase
2016 20k Subscriber Special + Face Reveal!
2016 LEGO Star Wars: Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
2016 LEGO Secret Spy
2017 LEGO Hobbit: Bard The Bowman
2017 LEGO Camping Trip
2017 LEGO Batman Goes Golfing
2017 LEGO City Trash Truck
2017 LEGO Shark Attack
2018 A LEGO Minecraft Story
2018 LEGO Star Wars: Darth Vader Leaves Town
2018 LEGO City Trash Truck 2
2018 LEGO Ninja Training
2018 LEGO Special Delivery
2019 LEGO City Bank Robbery
2019 LEGO Yard Trouble
2020 LEGO Gym Fail
2021 LEGO Trash Day