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Jeffery and the Old Man is a series of brickfilms created by Jonni Peppers. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series that follows an eccentric old man, Old Man, and the situations he gets himself into with his friend, Jeffery. It stars Joseph Hayden as Old Man and originally starred Daragh Twomey as Jeffery (with Seán Willis filling in for the second installment), and this role was later taken over by Guss Griswold. The role of Old Man was intended to be taken over by Max Butcher in 2014, but the film in production at the time was mostly lost and subsequently cancelled.


Forgot (2009)[]

Old Man tries to demonstrate his new invention to Jeffery, but has forgotten what it is supposed to do.

A Jeffery and the Old Man Christmas (2009)[]

Jeffery arrives at Old Man's house for dinner at Christmas, and they go to check the roof when Old Man's "Santa Detector" starts beeping.

Jeffery and the Old Man in The Great Airplane Murderer Mystery (2011)[]

Jeffery and the Old Man are on a flight when a dead body is found in the bathroom, and Old Man leads an investigation to find the murderer onboard.

Jeffery and the Old Man in: Jeffery Gets a Voicebox Transplant (2013)[]

Jeffery falls down his stairs and his voicebox falls out, so he must undergo surgery to receive a new one.

Unfinished films[]

Jeffery & the Old Man: Love Bites (2010)[]

This film started production in 2010 but was cancelled as it "got boring" to work on. It was uploaded unfinished at the start of 2011.[1]

Jeffery and the Old Man in: They Make Some Robots (2014)[]

This was intended to be a two-part installment, as well as Peppers' "farewell" brickfilm. It would have been about Old Man creating robots that turn against him, destroy Jeffery's body and escape, with Old Man and Jeffery having to search for them after Jeffery is rebuilt. It was being filmed in 2014, but was mostly lost in December following a computer failure. A small amount of footage was recovered and was uploaded in 2015.[2]