Jeff Leary
Jeff Leary circa 2005[1]
Also known as
  • Jeffrey Leary
  • jeffthedrummer
  • Silly Monkey!
Years active
2001 - 2007
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
Associated with Sound Library team

Jeff Leary is an American brickfilmer. He is known for Really Deep Space, which won the comedy animation competition at BricksWest 2003,[2] and for All in a Days Work. He was also a major contributor to the first successful community project, Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency, and of sound effects and music to the Sound Library, which he co-curated alongside Loïc Desjardins.[3]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2001 Motorbike X [4]
2002? Hit and Run X [5]
2002 Halloween House of Horrors Horror Animation Contest entry[6]
2003 Really Deep Space[7] BricksWest 2003 Comedy Competition winner[2]
2003 Ninja Temple[8]
2003 All in a Days Work[9] Also known as Rick LeBrique[10]
2005 Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency Community project co-ordianted by Doug James and Joshua Leasure and directed by Tom Dean[11]

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