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Jed Hugh Grant is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for his various World War II brickfilms.


Year Title Notes
2012 Operation Neptune
2013 Battle of the Bulge Also known as Death in the Snow
2014 S.W.A.T: Episode 1 (The Plot) Also known as Brick Wars: Episode 1 "Counter Strike"[2]
2014 LEGO WW2: The Battle of Caen
2014 Battle of Brecourt
2014 Merry Christmas from JedAnimationStudios 2014
2015 S.W.A.T: Episode 2 (The Robbery)
2015 Battle of Ramelle
2015 First Battle of Kharkov
2015 Nazi Zombie Army
2015 The Christmas Truce of 1914
2016 Arnhem Armageddon Also known as Battle of Arnhem
2016 Pointe du Hoc
2019 Second Battle of Kharkov
2019 Battle of Crete
2020 Battle of Amiens
2020 Battle of the Falaise Pocket Part of the LEGO WW2 Battle of Falaise community project coordinated by Sascha Kaltmann
2020 Battle of Carentan
2021 Battle of Brécourt Remake of 2014 film
Minuscule Film Festival 2021 Best Film winner[3]
2022 LEGO WW2: Kasserine Pass