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Jason Rowoldt is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for having been the founder of the website, which he ran from December 2000 until mid 2003. He is also known to have coined the term 'brickfilm'.[1]

Founding of[]

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Jason Rowoldt was inspired to start brickfilming by witnessing Thomas Foote's brickfilming panel at BrickFest 2000 and later also by purchasing LEGO Studios upon its release in late 2000.[2] On December 16, 2000, Rowoldt launched the first major website for brickfilming,, to share his own films and to gather into one place links to the small number of other brickfilms he had found around the internet. The website soon grew to be the main hub for online brickfilming activity, with many more brickfilms being submitted to the film directory, and a growing community of brickfilmers posting on the message board. With brickfilming being an emerging phenomenon at the beginning of the 2000s, Rowoldt was interviewed about the hobby and his website for articles by outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian, the BBC, and TV Guide, helping to bring much greater attention to the hobby.[3] During his time as owner of, Rowoldt hosted the Classical Movie Contest and the Historical Fiction Contest on the site.

In addition, the founding of is the first documented use of the term "brickfilm" to refer to films created with LEGO. Despite coining the term as the name of the website, Jason can be seen to have considered and encouraged the use of the term as the generic name for films created using construction block toys, to be used by all freely.

"But because I do not have, and none of us have, "official" endorsement from LEGO does not mean we cannto make and sell films using similar products. 80% or more of the sets I build involve other brands of plastic building bricks, which is why I call my films (and encourage you to) Brick Films."
- Jason Rowoldt; April 3, 2003

Rowoldt ran until mid-2003, when dwindling available time and interest led him to ask if anyone would be willing to buy it from him; an offer that was taken up by Joshua Leasure. remained highly active until 2008, when disagreements with new owners led the community members at the time to establish and move to Bricks in Motion. remained online with little activity for many years. In 2022, it was purchased by Brick à Brack, who intend to launch a new merger site in 2023. Upon announcement of the acquisition, Brick à Brack thanked Rowoldt for support.[4]


Year Title Notes
2000 The Chase[5]
2001 Dancing on The Moon[6]
2001 Vecna's Lens: Part I[7][8] Also known as Dungeon Crawl: Part I
2001 Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 2 X Co-production with Brian "Mr.B" Schimke, Conrad Slater and Russ Jensen[9]
2002 The Fencers[10]
2002 Brickfilms Historical Fiction Contest Award Show
2002 Kung Fu Fighting[11]
2002 Alone[12] Horror Animation Contest entry
2003 Secret Strategeries[13]
2003 The Sol Chronicles Episode 1 Opening[14]