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Jared Johnson is an American brickfilmer. He is known for his LEGO Avengers Assemble! series and for Brick City Cops. [1]


Jared began making brickfilms in 2011, but eventually went on a hiatus two years later. In 2016, Jared returned to brickfilming by adopting a new YouTube channel and alias, DudeBrick. He is well known for his involvement in the community, whether that being a co-host of the Frame100 Podcast, a co-creator of the Behind the Bricks Podcast along with Tom Johnson,[2] or providing voice acting for many other brickfilmers within the community.[3]

In 2020, he became a co-writer for Sam Futhey's Detective: Ace Brickman series.


Year Title Notes
2011 More Duct Tape???
2011 LEGO Star Wars- Yo Momma
2011 LEGO SuperMan Gets a Dog
2011 July 4th Special
2011 Thall Shall Not Kill?
2011 LEGO Superman- Lex's New Hair LEGO Super Heroes Challenge entry
2011 Covert Warfare Part I
2011 Random Snowball Fight Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 LEGO Batman - Mad Hatter's Hideout
2012 Ned's "Break Up"
2012 LEGO Batman - New Suit
2013 Channel Trailer (I'm not Dead!!)
2013 Jay & Robert - Cookie Stealer
2013 LEGO Avengers Assemble! Episode 1
2013 LEGO Avengers Assemble! Episode 2
2013 LEGO Star Wars - Brothers of War
2016 LEGO Black Panther
2017 A Crazy Day
2017 A DudeBrick Christmas
2018 Brick City Cops Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV entry
2018 LEGO Avengers Assemble! Teaser 2018 Contribution to Brickfilm Day 2018
2018 Purple Amour 8x8x8 entry
2018 Trooper
2018 Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer in LEGO Community project coordinated by Brickfilm Day
2019 SODA Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 Shinji: Asian Gunslinger Contribution to Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 Chaos Gone Bananas Vocal Flix entry
2019 Pirate Ship Surprise Commissioned by The LEGO Group, via Brick à Brack
2019 One Small Step Part of Brickfilm Day's History Event
2020 The Skywalker Saga in LEGO Community project coordinated by Brickfilm Day