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James Lord Pierpont Must Die! is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Ryan Boyle.[1] It is the fifth film in The Unholy Trio series. It is about the werewolf Ned being enraged by the song "Jingle Bells", and venturing back in time to kill its writer, James Lord Pierpont, before he can compose it.[2]


Mucho-Hotep arrives with a radio, which begins to play "Jingle Bells". Ned expresses his intense hatred for the song in great lengths, and says he read that it was written by a man named James Lord Pierpont. He states that if he had a time machine, he would go back in time and kill Pierpont before he could compose the song. At that moment, a time traveler named Groose arrives in the room, conveniently. Ned steals Groose's time controller, and heads back in time.

Ned arrives in the 1850s, and finds James Lord Pierpont. He immediately tries to shoot Pierpont, but has forgotten his ammo. Ned tries various further methods to kill Pierpont, but Pierpont always manages to evade death, never noticing Ned. Eventually, the TARDIS from Doctor Who arrives, and Count Wiesel steps out, having caught a ride. He tells Ned that he cannot kill Pierpont, as it would create time paradoxes. Ned and Count Wiesel return to the present, and Ned continues to be tormented by "Jingle Bells" on the radio, which he shoots.[2]


  • Jason Boyle as Ned
  • Colin Boyle as Count Wiesel, The Doctor
  • Ryan Boyle as Mucho-Hotep O'Fiddlesworth, James Lord Pierpont, Groose
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Mrs. Pierpont


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