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Jake Technic vs. Dr. Cyber[1] (also known as simply Jake Technic)[2] is a 2001 action drama brickfilm by Thomas Foote. It follows Jake who is captured by the evil Dr. Cyber and forced to compete in fights for Dr. Cyber's amusement.[3] It was released over time in 10 separate parts, the last 4 of which were released without sound. It appears that at least the first two parts were released online in 2000, and the first four were screened at Foote's brickfilming panel at BrickFest 2000.[4][5] Jake Technic is an unfinished project as it was inspired by a falling out Foote had with a friend, and when Foote made up with his friend, he no longer felt the motivation to continue the project.[6] It is one of the earlier examples of a brickfilm using TECHNIC figures.


A man, Jake, drives around in a car and does not realize that he is being observed from atop a tower by a villainous figure. The villain sends a remotely controlled vehicle that hits Jake's car a knocks him out.

Jake wakes up on a table and discovers that he now has a robotic arm and leg. The villain enters the room and introduces himself as Dr. Cyber, a cyborg, and explains that he has modified Jake to make him stronger. He says that Jake will entertain him by competing in his games.

Jake is brought to an arena and given a weapon. A large robot enters and Jake duels it as Dr. Cyber watches from a raised platform. Once Jake defeats the robot, Dr. Cyber presses a button to allow the next opponent in. The next opponent severely overpowers Jake, so Dr. Cyber presses a button to raise Jake's strength to keep the fight entertaining. Jake now easily defeats the robot and Dr. Cyber goes to let the next opponent in, but Jake throws his weapon to knock the controller down. When Dr. Cyber jumps down to retrieve it, Jake tackles him and they fight.

Jake is eventually thrown out of the arena and Dr. Cyber retrieves his controller. A button press spawns two weaponized mechs designed for jousting. Dr. Cyber and Jake charge at each other and Dr. Cyber wins the joust, knocking Jake out of his mech. Jake begins to speak to Dr. Cyber from the ground.[3]