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Jake Kohler, known in brickfilming as "'We Suck' Proudctions", is an Australian filmmaker. He created brickfilms that were popular on YouTube in the early years of the site, and is best known for his five System of a Lego music videos set to songs by System of a Down.[1] His brickfilms were known for their DIY style, with custom hand-drawn faces and paper instruments and scenery.


Year Title Notes
2005 JiM 'N' BoB Episode 1
2005 JiM 'N' BoB Episode 2
2005 JiM 'N' BoB Episode 3
2005 System of a Lego - Kill Rock & Roll
2006 System of a Lego - Chop Suey!
2006 Chinese Voodoo
2006[2] System of a Lego - B.Y.O.B.
2006 JiM 'N' BoB in Evil Night Part 1
2007 Midnight Swim 36 Crazyfists Music Video Competition entry
2007 System of a Lego - Sugar
2008 Enemo J - Shotgun
2009 System of a Lego - Toxicity PROMO
2009 System of a Lego - Toxicity PROMO 2
2010 System of a Lego - Toxicity
2010 Feed Her to the Sharks - Misery (Promo/Upcoming Music Video) Full video never finished
2013 DESK WARS: Episode 1 - Brett Gets A Random Friend Request
2013 DESK WARS: An Introduction
2014 DESK WARS EP 2: Abort Mission
2014 DESK WARS 3: Red Desk Redemption