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The Jake And The Lazy Guy series is a series of brickfilms created by Stijn Heirstrate. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series with an affinity for blue humour. It is about the mostly good-natured, occasional zoophile Jake, voiced by "Shrankenhiemer", and the crude slob Lazy Guy, voiced by Stijn Heirstrate.[1] The theme song of the series was created by Tom Gudde and Oskar "Antifaan" Brevik.


Giving Love (2007)[]

Lazy Guy makes fun of Jake, who is writing a poem for his new girlfriend.

Spontaneous Hate (2008)[]

Also known as Jake And The Lazy Guy: Halloween Special. Lazy Guy and Jake express their frustrations over trick-or-treaters.

Additional cast:

Christmas Special (2008)[]

Jake goes off to visit his family on Christmas Eve, and Lazy Guy realises how lonely he is.

Additional cast:

  • Evan "ManVan"/"Cheshire" Linsey as Santa
  • Harry Bossert as Neighbour

ButtSax (2009)[]

Lazy Guy disapproves of Jake's relationship with a horse, Sarah, and Sarah convinces Jake that he must kill Lazy Guy.[2]

Additional cast:

Easter Poop (Part 1) (2009)[]

When Lazy Guy eats the Easter Bunny's children, the Easter Bunny seeks revenge.

Additional cast:

Easter Poop (Part 2) (2009)[]

Jake arrives to rescue Lazy Guy from the clutches of the Easter Bunny.[3]

Additional cast:

Other appearances[]

The Über THAC Idea (2009)[]

Lazy Guy makes a cameo appearance in this film by Filip Bergström and Seán Willis.

Jake And The Lazy Guy Get Squashed To Yellow Clay By That Squid That Was In My Other Movie (2009)[]

A parody of the Dane Cook Gets... fad, featuring Jake and The Lazy Guy.[4]