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Jacob Onnen, typically known as "Metomunc", is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for multiple brickfilms that were popular on YouTube in the earlier years of the site, including Castle War, Star Wars Rap, and Pirates of the Caribbean.[2] His brickfilms were created with the LEGO Studios MovieMaker Set.


Most of Onnen's brickfilms were seemingly made in years prior to their YouTube upload dates, so the year of creation is only listed where known. This filmography is in the order of Onnen's "Lego Stop Motion" playlist, as it is seemingly more chronological than the YouTube upload order.

Year Title Notes
? Leaves
? The Great LEGO Gold Rush
? King Leo's Jousting Contest Also known as The Jousting Tournament
? Idiot Boyfriend
2005 Castle War
2005 Mount Everest
? Star Wars Rap
? Ninja Hunt
? Moby Dick LEGO Edition
? Maybe it's Maybeline
? I Love This Bar X [3]
2006 Spiderman- Born to be wild
? Link Also known as The Legend of Zelda/Link
? Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (LEGO Edition) trailer
? Little Jimmy and Fire
? Experimental Stop-motion Film
2012 Forest of Mop teaser