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Jacob Crow is a British brickfilmer.[1] In recent years, he is known for films including LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return and the consecutive top-three-placing Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest entries The Office Job, Nostalgia, and In Search of Penitence. Prior to films such as those, he created brickfilms along with Ross Evans, under the shared moniker The 2 Awesome Guys.[2]


Year Title Notes
2011 LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides Trailer X
2011 Ninja!
2011 LEGO Fruit Ninja
2011 LEGO Angry Birds
2012 Men In Black 3 Trailer in LEGO X
2012 LEGO Street Battle X
2012 Awkward
2012 Easter Bunnies! EASTER 2012 entry
2012 Stormtroopers On Tatooine! (The Renegades Episode 1) X
2012 The Avengers Trailer in LEGO
2012 LEGO Avengers - Headcount
2012 Harry The Clumsy Alien
2012 The Two Nations
2012 LEGO Minecraft: The Takeover
2012 DINO Attack
2012 The LEGOlympics
2012 LEGO Animation Contest!
2012 2 Awesome Guys Contest - RESULTS!
2012 LEGO Doctor Who Episode 1 - Return Of The Master
2012 Iron Man 3 Trailer #1 in LEGO!
2012 LEGO Doctor Who Episode 2 - The Sontaran Plot - Part 1
2012 LEGO Doctor Who Episode 3 - The London Blitz - Part 2
2012 The LEGO Nativity
2012 LEGO Christmas Special! - The 2 Awesome Guys
2013 The Hobbit TV Spot in LEGO
2013 LEGO Harlem Shake
2013 Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Trailer in LEGO
2013 LEGO Temple Run Entry to a contest hosted by Zach Boivin
2013 The LEGO Avengers
2013 LEGO Star Trek: Into Swagness
2013 Tennis Trouble
2013 Man of Steel TV Spot in LEGO
2013 The Incredible Adventures of RAINBOW MAN
2013 LEGO Animation Contest 2013!
2013 LEGO Doctor Who Episode 4 - Time of War
2013 G R A V I T Y
2013 Iron Man 3 TV Spot in LEGO
2014 LEGO Sherlock
2014 The 2 Awesome Guys Brickfilm Contest Results!
2014 Captain 'Murica and the Winter Soldier
2014 LEGO X-Men and Friends
2014 Superdog! Commissioned by VUE Cinemas
2014 LEGO Doctor Who Series Finale - Victory of the Master
2014 LEGO Doctor Who - The Multi Doctor Story - Part 1 - Meeting of the Doctors
2014 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer in LEGO!
2015 2 Awesome Guys: Episode 1 - Renewal
2015 2 Awesome Guys: Episode 2 - Bill Gates
2015 2 Awesome Guys: Episode 3 - Fired
2015 Welcome...To Jurassic Park
2015 LEGO Ant-Man's Big Adventure
2015 Portal Problems
2015 LEGO Avengers - Age of Ultron
2016 Batman v Superman: Civil War
2016 Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer in LEGO
2016 LEGO ASMR for Relaxation and Sleep
2016 LEGO Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
2016 LEGO Doctor Strange's Mythical Mystery
2016 LEGO Rogue One - Never Tell Me The Odds!
2017 LEGO Baywatch
2017 LEGO Spider-Man: Homecoming
2017 The Rainbow Knight
2017 LEGO Thor: Ragnarok
2018 Business Meeting Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV fourth place entry
2018 The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGO (Iron Man Recap segment) Community project coordinated by Lewis Townley
2018 Sicario 2: Soldado Trailer in LEGO
2018 A Festive Escapade Brickfilm Day "Finish The Story" film
2019 The Office Job Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI third place winner
2019 LEGO Tron: Disc Battle Created for Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return
2019 LEGO Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Brickfilmers Assemble third place winner
2020 Nostalgia Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVII second place winner
2020 The Skywalker Saga in LEGO (Return of the Jedi Recap segment) Community project coordinated by Lewis Townley and Jared Van Bever
2020 Delight! (And Other Animation Bits & Bobs) Compilation of entries to Brickfilm Day animation contests
2020 The Interview Septemberfest 2020 fourth place entry
2020 NO ENTRY Invent the Sequel IV first place winner
2021 In Search of Penitence Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII first place winner
2021 LEGO Tenet
2021 Wrong Sword Part of Brickfilm Day 2021
2021 Destiny of the Jedi
2022 'Bounce' (And Other Animation Bits & Bobs) Brickfilm Day Summer Animation Contest entries
2023 Message in a Bottle Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2023 entry
2024 Highway 67 Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2024 second place winner