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Jack Rizzo is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for superhero brickfilms including his involvement with the Marvel Brickfilm Universe, and is also known for Scooby-Doo brickfilms, BIONICLE brickfilms, and for his series Vampire Town.[2]


Year Title Notes
2008 Hot Fuzz X
2008 The Farmer X
2008 The Caped Crusader-Preview Clip X
2008 Space Ninja 1 X
2008 Halloween Night 2008 X
2008 LEGO Equilibrium X
2008 The Caped Crusader Trailer X
2009? Bionicle Warfare X
2009 Bionicle Warfare 2: Ihu VS Kallus
2009 Gartheon's Prize
2009 All That Glitters...
2010 Lightsaber Duel
2010 Spaceman versus Spaceman
2010 Space Ninja
2010 The Abduction
2010 Superman VS Bizarro Unfinished
2010 Stormtrooper Dissent Unfinished
2011 Green Lantern: Apocalypse
2012 The Flash!
2012 Tennis Match
2013 Istari Adventures: An Unexpected Encounter
2013 [Nindroid]
2013 Ozymandias
2013 Legends of Chima: Stink
2013 Istari Adventures: Sharkey
2013 Who ever said dwarves aren't strong?
2014 Deck the Trolls Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge "Fist Fighting" entry
2014 La Conquista
2014 Bad Flip Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge "Front Flip" entry
2014 Grab the Suit! Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge "Zero-Gravity" entry
2014 Reactions to The LEGO Movie
2014 Why I Love Mayan Mythology Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge "Kicking a ball" winner
2014 Vampire Owls | Vampire Town Ep1
2014 Green Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014 entry
2014 BIONICLE Nuva: Magnetic Mania
2014 LEGO Avengers Tower: Ultron Ascending (Part 1) X
2014 BIONICLE Nuva: The Suva Scuffle
2014 Avengers Tower: Lady Sif VS War Machine
2014 Avengers Tower: Captain America VS Black Panther
2014 BIONICLE Nuva: Astray in the Drifts
2014 BIONICLE Nuva: Tiribombastic!
2014 Istari Adventures: Gandalf's Hobbies
2014 BIONICLE: Kualsi
2015 Mockingbird (SHIELD Declassified File #001)
2015 Fitzsimmons (SHIELD Declassified File #002)
2015 Avengers Tower: Invasion
2015 Doctor Strange: Path to Greatness
2015 Caylie's Cookie Castle
2015 Black Panther: The Gold Vibranium
2015 Iron Fist Histories: Chalice of K'un-Zi
2015 Nova VS Carnage? (SHIELD Declassified File #073)
2015 Vampire Booze | Vampire Town Ep2
2015 Scooby-Doo in 'The Misfire Mystery'
2015 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Gardener
2015 Mexico!
2015 Scooby-Doo in 'Ancient Astronaut Attack!'
2015 Scooby-Doo in 'The Flytrap Fiasco'
2015 Vampire Egress | Vampire Town Ep3
2015 Scooby-Doo in 'Partners in Slime!'
2015 The Defenders | Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
2015 Purple Haze: Silent Knight
2016 Scooby-Doo in 'Force Feeding!'
2016 The Defenders | Chapter 2: Missing Statues
2016 Planet Hulk: Origins
2016 Star Wars | Jedi Order: Unnatural Curiosity
2016 Suicide Squad | Most Wanted: Deadshot
2016 Ninjago: Skylor's Quest
2016 Constructing a LEGO Tower Bridge! X Created in association with Bright Bricks
2016 Halloween Fever | Vampire Town Special
2016 Elves' Treat Co-production with Isaac Smith created for the York Student Cinema
2016 LEGO Santa's Workshop - Animation and Timelapse X Created in association with Bright Bricks
2017 Gamora, Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy
2017 Around the World Brick Adventure - LEGO at Milestones Museum! X Created in association with Bright Bricks
Commissioned by Milestones Museum
2017 The Defenders | Chapter 3: Vampire Nation
2017 Wicked Witch watches 'Emerald City'
2017 Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn
2017 Easter Indignity | Vampire Town Special
2017 Yondu and the Ravagers
2017 1 Hour of Donald Trump saying Bing Bing LEGO!
2017 Druid or Die | Vampire Town Ep4
2017 Marvel's Inhumans | Episode 1: Fractures
2017 The Battle for the Brick Kingdom X Created to be shown at BrickLive Excel London
2017 Caveman Campfire Story
2017 Santa's Missing Star! X Created in association with Bright Bricks
2018 Spring Snuffles Created for Brickfilm Day 2018
2018 Great Brick Safari! Part 1 X Created in association with Bright Bricks
2018 Great Brick Safari! Part 2 X Created in association with Bright Bricks
2019 Star Wars: Arda
2020 Highland Happy Hour | Vampire Universe
2020 Surf 'n Stone | Vampire Town Ep5
2020 Marvel's Inhumans | Episode 2: Dalliances
2020 Weird World Tour: Pandora's Box
2020 Weird World Tour: Monkeying Around
2020 Kahuka Part of the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2020 All in the Details Commissioned by RizzoVoice
2020 Masked Hero Super Warrior
2021 Marvel's Eternals: The Mad Titan