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Jack Nop is an American animator. His brickfilm Master of Shadows was the grand prize winner in the official LEGO Rebrick contest "The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago".[1] He was also the lead animator of ATLAS by Monitogo Studios.


Year Title Notes
2014 Look sir droids!
2014 NopFilms short #1
2014 NopFilms short #2
2014 NopFilms short #3
2014 Order 66 ...Kind of
2014 Get Well Soon!
2014 Bob's Hair Fancy Pants' "A Hero's Journey" contest entry
2014 Lego Space Invasion
2014 Thanksgiving- In 1295???
2014 Western Shoot Out
2015 Mechanical Apocalypse
2015 Hunted
2015 Waiter's Resistance
2015 Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark (recreation scene 7)
2015 Chains to Champions trailer (BrickWarriors) Commissioned by BrickWarriors
2015 Fire misuser
2015 Daryl The Dwarf
2015 BrickWarriors Ad Commissioned by BrickWarriors
2016 Jimmy's Quest
2016 Hamlet; To Be or Not to Be
2016 EclipseGRAFX - Bricktendo ad Commissioned by EclipseGRAFX
2016 Dead Line
2016 Master of Shadows: Baddest Villain of Ninjago Co-created by Peter Dickerson
The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago Rebrick Contest Grand Prize winner
2016 A Darker Place
2017 The Vanishing Villain LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films Rebrick Contest entry
2017 Another Day in Ninjago City Ninja for a Day Rebrick Contest entry
2017 The LEGO House - Fish Tank A LEGO House Dream Rebrick Contest entry
2018 Desk
2019 Pull
2020 ATLAS Directed by Monitogo Studios
2021 LEGO Spider-Man!