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It Takes a Ninja,[1] also known as Ninjas take on the American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course!,[2] is a 2015 sports brickfilm produced for The LEGO Group by Sam Lawlace. It was created through the Tongal LEGO Ninjago Warrior Video Project, and came in first place out of two winners.[3] It follows Ninjago ninja Kai taking on an obstacle course on the show American Ninja Warrior, and features commentary from two of the actual presenters of the show.[4] It was based on an awarded idea by Daniel James titled Road to Midoriyama, which read "Mini ANW style vid featuring Kai and Ninjago team dominating course w ninja skills, hilarious post-course interviews, and training montage."



Year Competition Category Result
2016 Tongies Video of the Year Nominated[5]
Best Animation Won[6]