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It's Just My Imagination is a 2011 brickfilm by Jordan, Matthew, and Dan Glasure ("Tater Productions"). It is about a boy who uses his imagination to have an adventure with Batman and Robin.[1] It was an entry to the LEGO Super Heroes Challenge, and was one of two first place winners chosen for the month of October, and later the grand prize of the contest overall.[2] It appears to be the only brickfilm by its creators.


A boy draws Batman and Robin on a piece of paper, and the drawings are cut out. The boy imagines that the cutouts are the superheroes come to life. The boy takes Batman and Robin to a tree fort, which he imagines is Wayne Manor. They enter and travel through to the Batcave. They leave in the Batmobile, which in reality is the boy's bicycle.

The boy and the heroes reach a local park. The boy imagines that a stick is a Batarang and that a girl from the neighborhood is Harley Quinn. He throws the stick at the girl, which doesn't end well as she comes over to hit the boy with the stick. When the boy returns home, he is excited to find that his dad has bought him a new superheroes LEGO set.[1]


  • Jordan - Creator
  • Matthew - Creator
  • Dan Glasure - Creator
  • Jerry - Music