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The Informal Chicken Dance Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Stefan van Zwam and Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones in 2003 on the ezboard forums. The aim of the contest was to create a dance animation set to the Chicken Dance song.


The Informal Chicken Dance Contest was inspired by an idea from Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones to animate a chicken dance using LEGO. Stefan van Zwam realised this would be a good way for filmers to practice animation and come up with creative workarounds to the limitations of LEGO and decided to turn the idea into a contest. Once Jones had created an example chicken dance animation, the contest was announced on the forum on March 2nd, 2003.[1][2]

The music group Roger and the Villagers allowed the use of their recording of The Chicken Dance in the contest entries and so it was a requirement to use this version and to give credit to the group. The deadline of the contest was April 1st, 2003 and the contest did not offer any prizes. Fourteen entries were submitted and a winner would be decided through a vote from entrants for favourite film.[3]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
The Chicken dance Adam "IndyA" Ouellette
Chicken Dance Alex Wright
Chicken Dance Charles "Xezol" Adams
Chicken Dance Chris Salt
Chicken Dance Chris "thedarksideoflego" Molly
The Chicken Dance Joshua Leasure, James Jannicelli and Tony Guerrie
The Chicken Dance Justin "unfoldingmetal" Tomchuk
The Chickendance Arne "Hanseat" Peters
The Chicken Dance - Shootin' Bricks Style Doug James
Chicken Dancing in the Suburbs Jared Gilbert
Heads Up Party Skye "legotronn" Sonomura
The "Loony" Chicken Dance "Bump500"
Monkeys Eat Bananas Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones
Yet Another Chicken Dance! Nick Maniatis



Images used to announce the contest winners

The winner of the entrant poll and overall winner of the Informal Chicken Dance Contest was Chicken Dancing in the Suburb by Jared Gilbert.[4][5] There was also a winning entry chosen in the category of Most Entertaining Entry, which went to Chicken Dance by Charles "Xezol" Adams.[6][7][8] This additional category was added following a suggestion from Chris Salt.