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Infinity Squared is an award-winning 2007 comedy brickfilm by Nathan Wells. It follows the story of Zach, a normal man who accidentally divides by zero.[1] It was an entry into the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest and placed fourth.


Zach returns home to his one-room apartment. He puts away his hat, cleans up around his apartment, and listens to the messages on his answering machine. The only message is from his friend Brendan, reminding him about the due rent.



Zach takes out a calculator and begins balancing his budget. While calculating, he accidentally divides by zero. Just as the realization hits Zach, the room begins to shake and furniture falls over as a terrible noise gets louder and louder. All around the city, cars are tossed about, buildings begin to collapse, and people are tossed about like leafs, including Alex and Derrick. Everything cuts to black as the world crumbles.

With the world crashed, a grumbling echoy voice, Tech Support, is forced to restart the universe. Zach is back to balancing his budget, none the wiser.[1]




Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Design Won