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Indus is a 2013 sci-fi drama brickfilm by Bruno Lefèvre.[1] It is about a robot who breaks away from his repetitive job on a production line.[2] It was an entry to the GO-Film 2013 Contest hosted on the Bricks in Motion forums[3] and won first place.[4]


Material is dropped onto a production line and is moulded into human shape by machines across multiple stages. A robot observes the figures at the machine that places the heads onto them, and makes sure they are all identical. The robot becomes distracted when it sees a man and a woman walking past the windows to the next room and stopping to talk. It observes them curiously, then looks to the figures on the production line. With each head that is placed, the robot allows more and more red colour to appear on the figures. When a man watching the production line notices, he sounds the alarm and the previously seen man and woman run towards the room, as the robot continues to add colours and detail. The people see that the figures have now been turned into copies of the appearance of the woman.[2]



In addition to winning the GO-Film 2013 contest, Indus has won awards in multiple ceremonies and festivals.

Year Competition Category Result
2013 Les Brickstars Best Brickfilm First
Best Animation First (tied with Bestia)
Best Screenplay Third
Best Special Effects Third
Best Set Design Third
Best Sound Second
Audience Award Second
Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Animation Won
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Music Score Won
Best Lighting Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Won
2014 Jordan Johnson's February Brickfilming Contest n/a Won[5]
Ciné Brique Bordeaux "Brique d'Or" (Best Film) Won

Indus was also chosen as one of the "Best Of Short Bricks Selection" at the Cine Brick 2014 festival in Portugal, and was chosen as the 9th best brickfilm and given a special silent movie distinction at Ciné Brique Canada 2014.[6]