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Indiana Scones and the Quest for the Platinum Waffle is a 2008 adventure comedy brickfilm by Eden Sanders.[1][2] It is a parody of Indiana Jones, and follows adventurer Indiana Scones exploring a temple in search of the coveted platinum waffle. It was the first place winner of the short film category in the 2008 Utah High School Film Festival.[3]

The characters Indiana Scones & Clubbins would go on to play supporting roles in Sanders' film BOX: The Epic Motion Picture. Additionally, a 2009 fan-made Indiana Scones sequel, Indiana Scones 2: The Quest for the Iron Wand of Destiny, was created by Cory "Onyxanimations" Grider with the permission of Sanders, and Sanders provided voice acting for this film.


Indiana Scones and his assistant Wally, questing after the lost treasure of the platinum waffle, arrives outside a temple, with a crew of men led by Clubbins not far behind. Once inside the temple, they begin to see skeletons on the ground. One skeleton comes to life and pulls a lever, and a boulder comes from a chute and kills one of the men. As the other men move around, they step on switches that activate traps, and a trapdoor opens which Indy falls through.

In the lower depths, Indy finds coffins that zombie skeletons break out of. He fights off the skeletons before hopping through a revolving panel in a wall. Inside, he spots the platinum waffle and goes to acquire it. On his way back, he steps on a self destruct button, and temple begins to fall apart. Indy makes a quick exit but is ambushed by Clubbins, who steals the platinum waffle for himself. Wally, held captive by Clubbins' men, breaks free and fights off the crew. Indy then looks for the waffle, before seeing Wally eating it.[3]


  • Eden Sanders as Indiana Scones, Wally, Guard 2, Skeleton drones
  • Erik "Flachbat" Lechtenberg as Clubbins, Wally, Guard 1


  • Eden Sanders - Director, Animator, Editor
  • Erik Lechtenberg - Additional animation