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In Search of Penitence is a 2021 drama brickfilm by Jacob Crow. It follows a priest who encounters a man with nowhere left to turn. It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII, and won first place.[1]


In a church, a priest notices a lone, troubled man sitting in one of the pews. The priest asks if he may sit with the man, and questions what is on his mind. After some hesitation, the man simply says that he does not know where else to turn to, and the priest notices that the man has blood on his hands. After asking the man to wait there, the priest heads to the back room and hurriedly begins to pick up the phone, but stops to reconsider.

The priest emerges carrying two cups, but finds that the man is no longer in the church, and the front door has been left open. The priest heads outside, where he finds the man standing nearby. He offers the man one of the cups, and the man thanks him for his kindness.[2]