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In Deep Royal Water is a 2005 fantasy brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele.[1] It is the first brickfilm they co-created.[2][3] The film combines elements of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales "Rapunzel" and "The Frog Prince", and it follows a knight and a frog each making their way towards Rapunzel's tower.[4]


Not far from the tower housing Rapunzel, a knight is travelling on horseback. Meanwhile, a frog is hopping down a path, crossing a bridge which breaks. The frog reaches Rapunzel's tower and climbs up plants on the wall. The knight is not far behind, and his horse jumps the broken bridge.

The frog reaches Rapunzel's window and Rapunzel screams loud enough to be heard by the knight. The frog kisses Rapunzel, upon which he turns into a prince and Rapunzel into a frog. The knight enters through the window, preparing for battle. The prince grabs a sword and the two duel. The prince is impaled, causing him to turn back into a frog, and the knight hurls him out the window. Rapunzel, now human once again, kisses the knight.[4]


  • Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele - Idea, Story, Set design, Sound, Voices, Animation
  • Zeljko LePierre - Romantic theme
  • Dave Spiers and Freya Spiers - Special thanks