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Ilmari Teekkinen is a Finnish brickfilmer.[1] He is primarily known for creating bizarre, abstract and experimental brickfilms, described in a review as being "somewhere between insane and artistic".[2] His earlier films appear to have been co-created with Viljami Teekkinen, and many of his films are music videos and were often set to the music of a composer named Too.


Year Title Notes
2003 Prinssi
2004 Sword Of Valo Trailer
2004 Varien Knights
2004 Enviema
2004 Mortigi Muta Fight Club Contest entry
2004 Amitrock
2004 5919
2004 GoHannibal trailer
2004 Rohaddey High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
NWBrickCon 2004 Mystery Contest second place winner
2004 Mr Mortintoj NWBrickCon 2004 Mystery Contest entry
2004 Kymmeten 10 Brick Contest entry
2004 Iso Bal
2005 Ickka Bickka
2005 Rex Steps
2005 Medolia Monster Bricks
2005 Porukka People
2005 Minerva Machine
2005 GihheADV AnimatorDV Commercial Contest entry
2005 Guitartoj
2005 Cousinjade
2005 Chase
2005 Flow
2005 GRREENERED Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge entry
Heroes and Villains Contest entry
2005 Navijades
2007 DueDauers
2008 Bold Stroke Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5B entry
2008 all Ball ego Friendships and Rivalries Contest entry
2008 Lovespread
2008 Don't Walk on the Grass
2008 Marillion - Whatever is Wrong With You Marillion's Whatever is Wrong With You Video Contest entry
2008 upLdo
2008 Excellent Robukka Excellent Technical Excellence Competition entry[3]
2008 Nicktech Technical Excellence Competition entry
2008 chasingtheC Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest entry
2009 2009Worlds Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 ComethisWickedThingWaySomes
2009 ChaoSNSanity
2009 januarYsecret
2009 Toystarry Space, Time and Reality Contest entry
2009 Battleoffthe G reyBaseplate AniExer-size Animation Contest entry
2010 Unknown X Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2018 Smallcube
2019 Eleyoots Discovery Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 Trapparty Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2019 entry
2019 Kinaver jatkuu
2019 While the light is on Past and Future Contest entry
2020 Ruinenlust Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVII entry
2020 Plays the fireplace Disqualified The 10 Bricks of EASTER 2020 entry
2020 Polly-Esther The 10 Bricks of EASTER 2020 entry
2020 for the dragon to pass through Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2020 entry
2020 Do you guys still have the band?
2021 Spirit of the ghost Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII entry
2021 Space adventure concepts
2021 Rohaddey too sequences
2021 Eleyoot makes a friend
2021 the ear has three mouths
2021 Rohaddey Too, more sequences
2021 Real
2021 Eleyootin uusi mikrofoni
2021 Lap record
2021 Treat
2021 smallcube revolution
2021 rohaddey too shopping success
2021 taiteenlaista tapahtuu
2021 a song in reverse
2021 winter effect
2021 Life in a nice cave
2021 Lyriikkavideo myötäpäivään
2021 boring boxing
2021 red baseplate gravity test
2021 Prequel idea in really wide screen
2021 magical circle of mirror (2021 & 2004)
2021 the new couleurs
2021 fun song
2021 noise at the door
2021 Sign of the times Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2021 entry
2021 SketchClub + TokkingHeads
2021 Beyond the Darkness
2021 Liiga palju stiimuleid
2021 DanceApp on iPad
2021 night scene howl
2021 new adventures on an old planet
2021 Dinner lighting test
2021 2nd step on the leko
2021 Clothes
2021 my Saturday concert wish left the streets empty
2021 messy reflectoins
2021 In my mind chopping rules MANiFEST entry
2021 Sweet trick
2021 random ideas and moments
2021 singer versus songwriter
2021 one smart living room (imagine a future)
2021 One Of These Days
2022 Epic Edit
2022 The discombobulated Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022 entry
2022 Adagio
2022 things we gained in the fire

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