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I think he's coming (German: Ich glaube, er kommt) is a 2017 comedy brickfilm by Sebastian Geiß-Polnau and Tobias Hucker. It combines Star Wars and The Nativity Story, and is about The Three Wise Men following a bright light that appears in the sky.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2017, in which it won the Jury Prize.



  • Florian Schmohl as the 1st Jedi
  • Sebastian Geiß-Polnau as the 2nd Jedi, Yoda
  • Wolf Niedl as the 3rd Jedi
  • Tobias Hucker as Barista, Marvin
  • Jan Alomari as the 1st Wise
  • Ottmar Polnau as the 2nd Wise
  • Ruth Polnau as the 3rd Wise
  • Miriam Polnau as Mrs. Christensen


  • Sebastian Geiß-Polnau - Co-creator
  • Tobias Hucker - Co-creator
  • Johanna Wolter - English translation
  • Susi Enghardt - French translation


Year Competition Category Result
2017 Steinerei Jury Prize First place
Brickfilmer Prize Second place
Audience Prize Second place
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Music Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated
Best Star Wars Brickfilm Nominated
Best Holiday Brickfilm Won
Brickstars Best Foreign Brickfilm Third place