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I Am Watching You Pee was a brickfilming fad which originated on YouTube in 2006, and saw widespread popularity from 2007 until about 2010. Videos in the fad usually were around 10 to 20 seconds long and featured a character at a urinal who is disturbed by another character shouting "I am watching you pee!". The videos usually utilized the same pre-existing sound bite, though sometimes people would recreate the audio themselves.


The original I Am Watching You Pee! brickfilm was uploaded by YouTube user "Threetails" on June 14, 2006.[1] Threetails was inspired by a scene from AMV Hell 3 (a compilation of brief anime clips dubbed with different sound bites),[2] which is where the audio was sourced from. Though the brickfilm doesn't actually contain any animation (and consists of just three photographs), it still managed to rack up over 2 million views in its lifetime.[3] The original upload is no longer available on YouTube.


A frame from I am watching YOU pee!! by "bluebandaid"

Due to many old YouTube videos having been deleted, it is impossible to determine for certain what the second ever brickfilm in the fad was, but the next known one is I am watching YOU pee!! by "bluebandaid", which was created in 2 hours and uploaded on August 19, 2007. This video used the same sound bite as the original (with the quality degraded) and actually included stop-motion animation, in addition to more elaborate set design and actions that take place. This video was also relatively widely seen, and currently sits at over 1 million views. This has been considered by aficionados to be the "definitive" I Am Watching You Pee brickfilm[4] and has also been known to be mistakenly assumed to have been the originator, likely due to being the earliest one that remains on YouTube.

The simplicity of the format and the amusement derived from audio that already predated its use in brickfilms made it very easy for other people to decide to make their own versions of I Am Watching You Pee for fun. A YouTube search for "LEGO I Am Watching You Pee" shows many similar I Am Watching You Pee brickfilms created from 2007 to 2010, plus a small number created later. Archives of YouTube uploads also show in the Related Videos sidebar that there were further films in the fad that have since been removed from YouTube.