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iWater is a 2015 satire brickfilm by Cornelius Koch and Steffen Troeger. It is a satire of Apple products and fanboyism, and is constructed from many different fictional TV shows and news reports, as if the audience was flipping through channels on a television.[1]


A press conference for tech company Appeel begins. The Appeel CEO appears as a hologram and greets the astonished audience. After a bit of hyping up, the CEO introduces the latest Appeel product: the iCar, a three-wheeled car powered by iWater. The crowd cheers as the hologram CEO disappears.

A TV news reporter interviews several people who are a part of a crowd waiting outside an Appeel store. Lots of people who couldn't afford an iCar still purchase iWater, and drink it instead. Many people are getting addicted, and a huge line has appeared outside of the Appeel store, full of people eager to get more iWater.


An Egyptian interrupts the 1984 conference

Some people are using the iWater for baptism, others for showering. However, according to an analysis by a scientist, iWater is just plain water.

iWater concludes with a shot-for-shot remake of Apple Computer's 1984 ad, with the Appeel CEO taking the place of Big Brother.[1]


Nathan Mellace is also credited but actually does not appear in the film.



Year Competition Category Result
2015 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated
Best Ensemble Performance Won[2]
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Story and Screen Play Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated