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Hypothetical Possibilities is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is the sixth film in the Ben and Andy series and is about Ben creating a device that lets him and Andy see hypothetical scenarios in the future.[1] It was an entry to the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest on and placed third.[2]


Ben is finishing up an invention in the basement when Andy walks in. Ben explains that he has created a device that allows you to see how hypothetical future scenarios would play out, and begins to test it for the first time. The machine explodes, but it is then revealed that Ben and Andy had just been watching what would have happened if the motherboard short-circuited. Ben spills a soda on the device and the motherboard short-circuits again, but this too is revealed to have been hypothetical as Ben tells Andy that's why he doesn't bring drinks around the machine. Andy is worried that the machine seems unsafe considering how much he has seen it hypothetically go wrong, but Ben says that it is working fine and asks what the worst that could happen is. Just then, the FBI burst through the door and demand them to freeze.

Ben tells Andy that's what would have happened if he had actually gotten around to making the invention, before becoming confused with what he just said. It is then seen that an alien and a robot had been watching this scenario from the same machine on their spaceship, and the alien says that's what would have happened if they had put the instructions for it on earth. The alien warns against messing with foreign interlinks, and the pair argue over using earth's internet, which the robot is in favour of.[1]




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