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Hudson Ludy is an American brickfilmer[1]. He is best known for the films Neon Christmas, LEGO Gettysburg Address (American Civil War, and Joey McJohnathan Has an Epiphany which placed 7th in the 2020 Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest.



Year Title Notes
2012 Soft Drink[2]
2012 David and Goliath
2012 Sea a Lea
2012 Time Travel
2012 Star Lords Trailer
2013 Bilbo's Adventures
2014 Toys V LEGOs
2015 Nehemiah And The Wall
2017 The Great Christmas Conundrum Christmas Special Entry to Brick à Brack Decorate a Christmas tree challenge
2017 Jimmy's Lunch
2017 Ned's Adventures: Street Performance
2017 Ned's Adventures: Skunk In The House
2017 The Vacuum
2017 LEGO The Story of Joseph in Four Minutes
2017 The Awesome Weight Loss Program Made for A Brickfilm Christmas
2018 The Super Secret Spy (THAC XV) Entry to THAC XV
2018 Quick Horse Animation Brick à Brack Animation challenge entry
2018 LEGO Star Wars: The Last Comic Relief
2018 Neon Christmas Part of the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
2019 LEGO Jack Stone: The Return Made for Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 LEGO Avengers: Infinity Endgame
2019 Yummy Burrito 2018 Highlight Reel
2019 Becoming an Avenger Entry to Brick à Brack Brickfilmers Assemble contest [3]
2019 trapped. an. epic. brawl. fail. Failed entry to BRAWL 2019
2019 LEGO Steamboat Willie - Created for the LEGO Group As part of Brick à Brack Project Disney in co-operation with the LEGO Group [4]
2019 Clones V Uraki Collab with "The Brick Scientists"
2019 LEGO The Gettysburg Address (American Civil War) Part of Brickfilm Day History Event
2019 LEGO Island: A Twist in Time
2019 Neon Christmas 2 Part of Brickfilm Christmas Collab 2019
2020 I animated this film in one hour... DQ'd entry to THAC XVI
2020 How Everyone Reacts to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland)
2020 I "improved" the A MAN HAS FALLEN INTO THE RIVER IN LEGO CITY commercial
2020 LEGO The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - The Skepticist (Part 5) Created for the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias and part of the Doctor Dakota Series
2020 Happy Monday from Copper the Camel
2020 LEGO Podcasts in the 15th Century
2020 Joey McJohnathan Has an Epiphany BRAWL 2020 entry
2020 buy eight 8x8x8 contest[5] entry
2020 Frankenstew Fright and Fear Contest entry
2020 Ratatouille: The Musical - “Tango" in LEGO On secondary channel
2020 The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota: It's a Wonderful Diagnosis Holly Jolly Brickmas entry
2021 The Sins of Ethan West Made for THAC XVII
2021 The Great Samurai Squabble Made for Bricks in Motion
2022 My Personal Apocalypse (THAC 2022) Made for THAC 2022