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How to Not Rob a Bank is a 2012 comedy action brickfilm by Harrison Allen.[1][2] It follows two friends who are bored, and get the unusual idea to 'not' rob a bank.[3] The ideas for the film were first thought up in 2007 or 2008, and some of the characters and concepts for it were borrowed to be first used in the 2010 film MAILBOX OF DOOM!.[4] The film was in production from late 2010 to mid 2011 but was delayed in post-production,[5] and by the time it was released, Allen had already upgraded his camera and filmed and released multiple other brickfilms.


Two friends, Sam and Constance, are feeling bored. A man named Yamyakato appears out of nowhere to help them, and presents his Idea Machine. Constance pulls a lever on the machine, and it suggests that they go and not rob a bank. This confuses Sam as they are already not robbing a bank, but Constance gets an idea.

Constance and Sam storm into a bank, announcing that it isn't a bank robbery and ordering the teller to not put the money in a box. Sam tells a civilian not to not call the police, so he calls the police and tells Officer Johnnybob that some people are not robbing a bank. Johnnybob thinks he said people are robbing a bank, and runs to the bank. He begins to read them their rights, but Sam informs him they she and Constance are not robbing the bank.

A bank robber enters to rob the bank, but with Johnnybob already present, a firefight breaks out between them. During the battle, aliens beam down to take over the planet, and a stander-by takes out a large gun to shoot at them, revealing that he is a mafia boss. A wizard, a group of vikings, and a teller enter the battle, and a massive brawl occurs between all the various factions. Sam remarks to Constance that this was a fun idea.[3]


  • Shelby Rivers as Constance
  • Hannah Stonebraker as Sam
  • Harrison Allen as Johnnybob, Gohgzvoqsterwazootuli, Yamyakato, Aliens, Vikings, The teller, Sir Charlie, Harry, Mobsters, Monkey, The Idea Machine
  • Doug Sloan as The mafia boss
  • Chris Pelly as The wizard


  • Harrison Allen - Director, Animator, Editor, Story, Visual effects, Sound effects
  • Elisabeth Allen - Original score
  • Wilson Allen - Additional animation

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