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Horace and Horace's Day Out is a 2015 slapstick comedy brickfilm by Seán Willis and Brian Willis.[1] It follows a man whose shadow can move independently of himself. It was created for the Darkness and Light Contest on Bricks in Motion and won the prize for fourth place.[2]


Horace enters a stage. He hops into a car which refuses to start, but his shadow drives away. The shadow returns when it realises Horace isn't with it, and pushes the car until it gets going before hopping back in the shadow car to catch up.

Horace is on a park bench. A man walks in front of Horace, but his shadow collides with Horace's. Horace's shadow gets angry and beats up the other shadow, knocking it into a bin which falls over. The men look for what caused the noise, but Horace's shadow snaps back into place behind Horace.

Horace is waiting to cross a road, and hasn't noticed a large anvil dangling above his head. His shadow sees it but cannot attract Horace's attention, so quickly bursts through the backdrop to push Horace out of the way. When Horace looks for who pushed him, he sees the anvil fall right beside him.[1]


  • Seán Willis - Writer, Director, Animator, Editor
  • Brian Willis - Writer, Director