Hold the Lines
Hold The Lines
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Directed by
Released July 2010
  • Hadrien Besse
  • Emilie Boittin
  • Fabio Besse
  • Luca Besse
  • Laura Emir
  • War
  • Action
Running time
Language French
Part of the Hold the Lines series
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N/A Hold the Lines ch. II

Hold the Lines is a 2010 war brickfilm by Hadrien Besse.[1][2] It follows the soldier James Poiret and his efforts in the battle against the forces led by the tyrant Tyr-Hannick.[3] It was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.[4] It is the first film in the Hold the Lines trilogy, and was followed by Hold the Lines chapitre II in 2011.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Hadrien Besse as James
  • Fabio Besse as Rick, Captain Black Eyes Freez
  • Luca Besse as Colonel Moutarde
  • Emilie Boittin as Rose
  • Ivan Besse
  • Stephane Varsi
  • Laura Emir as The mother
  • Camille Principiano
  • Jim Zelechowski
  • Alexandre Charrier
  • Axel Learissi

Crew Edit

References Edit

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Hold the Lines series
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