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Hit & Run is a 2004 mystery brickfilm by Nick Maniatis that depicts a man being called to a meeting place and the events surrounding this from multiple viewpoints.[1][2] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest and ultimately placed second.[3]


A phone rings and is answered by a man. A woman on the other end warns him that "they're onto us" and they agree to meet up to talk at "the usual place". The man leaves and walks down the street before breaking into a run. He is about to run across a road but stops to pick up a coin, narrowly avoiding being hit by a speeding car.

The earlier journey of a man in black is shown in reverse. He walks the same street and is shown to have dropped the coin from a briefcase he is holding. It is seen that he came from within a building.

Inside this building was the woman on the phone. When she finishes the phone call, she tells the man in black that the man will be on his way and gives him a briefcase full of money, promising the rest of the sum when "it's done".

The man waits at the usual place, when the man in black approaches and raises a gun to his head. A gunshot is heard.[2]