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The Historical Fiction Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Jason Rowoldt between 2001 and 2002. The theme of the contest was events in history, with fictionalised retellings allowed. It was the second official contest following the Classical Movie Contest and was the last to be organised by Rowoldt, who was succeeded by Joshua Leasure upon Leasure's purchase of the website in June 2003.[1] Leasure would continue the contests starting with the Words of Wisdom Contest in August 2003.


The Historical Fiction Contest was held to celebrate the one year anniversary of and began on the 12th of December 2001, four days before Brickfilms' first birthday.[2][3] The contest challenged filmers to create a brickfilm based on a historical subject or event. It allowed historically accurate films as well as films that told a fictional story based on real history or explored alternate history. It did not allow storylines that would not have been theoretically possible in history. The deadline of the contest was March 7th, 2002.[4]

The Historical Fiction idea was attempted before in March 2001 as the "Based on a True Story" contest, which was supposed to be the first official contest.[5] A lack of directors wishing to participate led to it being cancelled,[6] and a few months later the Classical Movie Contest became the first contest.

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Athealus and the Sword of Pandor Brian "Brian of Gep" Geppert
D-Day X Mark Wanninger
Freedom Brian Gould
Great Inventors Part 1: The Wheel Stefan van Zwam
The Great Train Robbery C. van Aken
The Invention Lars Møller
Kerouac Ben Brenninkmeyer
Midnight Ride Doug James and Jared Gilbert
Robin of the Hood Stefan G. Tosheff
To Fly is Everything! Jason Herder
A (Very) Brief History of the Bushranger 'Ned Kelly' and the 'Kelly Gang' Nick Maniatis
Walking with Dinosaurs Andreas Feix


The Historical Fiction Contest received a total of 12 entries.[7] Similar to the Classical Movie Contest, winners were not chosen by ranking every film but by choosing a winner from each of three categories. The categories were Best Film, Best Story and Best Animation, with Best Story replacing the Best Cinematography category from the previous contest. The winner of Best Film would receive a copy of the animation software Stop Motion Pro, which was provided by the creators of the software. The winners of Best Story and Best Animation would receive the LEGO sets 6453 Com-Link Cruiser and 4791 Alpha Team Sub-Surface Scooter, respectively.

The awards show

The winning entries were once again decided by combining judging from the staff with results from a public user poll. Once the final results had been calculated, Jason Rowoldt produced an original brickfilm to serve as an awards show for the contest and announced the results on April 1st, 2002.[8][9]


Listed here are the winning films in each category along with the other nominees.[10]

Best Film
Best Story Best Animation

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