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hirschundelch is a team of Swiss brickfilmers, consisting of Stefan "Hirsch" Minder and Olivier "Elch" Altenbach.[1][2] Their film Out of Service won Best International Film at the Brickwold Chicago International Film Festival 2022, and their film pOp! won Best Brickfilm with No Dialogue and Best Original Music Score in the 2021 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.[3] They are also known for the series Gone Camping.


Year Title Notes
2006 Undercover Cowboy
2011 Romartino & Juliastrid
2015 Never say good-bye
2016 GONE CAMPING Short - "to build a fire"
2016 GONE CAMPING Episode 1: "Row, row, row your boat"
2016 Making Christmas
2018 GONE CAMPING Episode 2: "Oh, silent night"
2019 Wolverine's impeccable sense of smell
2019 Out of Service
2020 Old West Argument
2021 pOp!
2021 Oxfly