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The Hide and Suck series is a series of brickfilms created by Colin Boyle and Jason Boyle. It follows a trio of rabbits who hide eggs on Easter, as they attempt to outsmart a child prodigy who creates methods to find eggs easily. It stars Colin Boyle as the black and brown rabbits and Jason Boyle as the white rabbit. Films in the series were released annually each Easter. The fourth and final film in the series was directed and animated solely by Jason Boyle.


Hide and Suck (2006)[]

The Easter rabbits put in time and effort to create a complex Easter egg hunt, but a child prodigy has other plans.[1][2]


  • Colin Boyle - Director, Animator, Black rabbit and eggs sculptor, Egg-Suck-o-Matic design, Title, Voices
  • Jason Boyle - Director, Animator; White rabbit, brown rabbit, easter basket, flowers and eggs sculptor; Set design
  • Ryan Boyle - Frog head sculptor

Hide and Suck 2: Deja Vu (2007)[]

The rabbits return for another year of egg hiding, and this time attempt to thwart the Henderson kid's invention.[3]



  • Colin Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator, Sculptor
  • Jason Boyle - Director, Animator, Sculptor
  • Ryan Boyle - Frog head sculptor

Hide and Suck 3: Rabbit Robot Rampage (2008)[]


The rabbits disguise themselves as kids, in order to fool the robot

The rabbits decide that if the kids will cheat then so shall they, and invent a robot programmed to hide 50 eggs per minute.



  • Jason Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator, Sculptor
  • Colin Boyle - Concept, Writing input, Director, Animator, Black rabbit head sculptor
  • Ryan Boyle - Frog head sculptor

Hide and Suck 4: The Evaluator (2009)[]

The rabbits are set to be evaluated by their company, and are assigned the harshest evaluator, Miss Brittle.


  • Colin Boyle as Black rabbit, Brown rabbit, The Henderson kid
  • Jason Boyle as White rabbit, The boss bunny
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Miss Brittle
  • Ryan Boyle as The frog


  • Jason Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator
  • Colin Boyle - Script editor
  • Ryan Boyle - Story consultant

Other films[]

Not So Egg-cellent (2007)[]

An entry to the E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival by Colin Boyle, featuring the black rabbit hiding easter eggs. The black rabbit also made cameo and background appearances in many of Colin Boyle's other films.