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Hidden is a 2012 sci-fi action brickfilm by Spencer Olson.[1][2] It follows a soldier who is on a mission in search of a piece of technology which is being guarded.[3] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X, and was awarded with third place. In the judges' results, it had initially tied for second with STEAM by Christian Colglazier and The Lost Invention by Harrison Allen, until a specific order was decided upon by Harry Bossert.[4]


In a frozen tundra a Soldier is on the hunt for a mysterious artifact. As he travels the forest, he tells the Sarge, through a radio comlink, that he feels as though he is being watched. To which the Sarge claims if there were anything it would show up on his radar. As the Soldier nears the checkpoint, a shadowy figure runs through the trees. After a small shoot out he finally reaches the site of the artifact.He opens the crate only to find it is empty. The Soldier tired and frustrated, has a tantrum and is aptly sniped.

The camera then pans down to show the artifact was underneath the chest the whole time.