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  • Hervé Bonafos
  • Jean-Marie Pexeto


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Plastic Love

December 24, 2014

The Henri & Edmond series is a series of brickfilms created by Maxime Marion and written by Maxime Marion and Lilian Ginet. The series follows the adventures of Henri and his best friend, the fireman Edmond. It stars Hervé Bonafos as Henri and Jean-Marie Pexeto as Edmond. It features original music by Quentin Billard.

Films Edit

The New Neighbour Edit

A new Russian neighbour of Henri and Edmond's invites the pair to his housewarming party, but a suspicious Henri is convinced he is an escaped cannibalistic mental patient he has heard of on the news.

Copyright Edit

After downloading a song illegally, Henri is tracked down by a copyright protection agency. His friend Edmond helps to rescue him, and they go on the run together.

Plastic Love Edit

Bored of being single, Henri registers on a minifigure dating website.

Other Edit

LEGO Batman au Cinéma Vox Edit

The Henri & Edmond side character Firmin has a role in this film, and Henri and Edmond make a background appearance.

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Henri & Edmond series
The New Neighbour (2008) · Copyright (2011) · Plastic Love (2014)
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