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Hear No Evil is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It follows from Dave's electrical shock in See No Evil, and is about Dave being in a coma while Steve attempts to wake him up.[2] It is the seventeenth and final film in the Steve and Dave series. Though it was supposed to be the second part of a trilogy, the follow-up, Speak No Evil, was never realised.


Having received a large electrical shock, Dave is in a coma. Steve visits him in the hospital, and asks the doctor if it's true that coma patients can still hear what the people around them say. The doctor says there is some anecdotal evidence to support the idea, and Steve begins to angrily tell Dave to wake up while insulting him. The doctor feels a more supportive tone would be best, before leaving. Steve briefly tries being nice, but soon begins hitting Dave with the IV stand instead.

In a white expanse, Dave wakes up and thinks that he is dead. The Grim Reaper appears to tell him he is not dead yet, but due to budget cuts, the Grim Reaper's realm is now also the waiting room for coma patients. Dave asks how to get back to his body, and the Grim Reaper shows him the door he must go through. Back in the hospital room, The Fonz (also a patient in the hospital) enters and finds Steve trying to wake up Dave by hitting him. The Fonz gives Dave one quick hit, and Dave immediately wakes up.[2]


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